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EliteMD Aesthetics is a highly respected medical spa that focuses on providing our clients with top-notch, innovative services. Whether you're interested in cosmetic injections or Laser services, EliteMD Aesthetics has a wide range of treatments and procedures to help you achieve the best possible look. The primary objective of EliteMD is to ensure that you feel fantastic in your body, and we go to great lengths to accomplish this goal. If you're searching for a spa that will help you put your best face forward, EliteMD Aesthetics is an excellent option to consider.

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Meet Dr. Siva

Dr. Siva is a graduate of the University of Jaffna Medical School and has more than 15 years of Canadian experience in General Medicine and Family Medicine.

He is a member of the Canadian Medical Association(CMA), the Ontario Medical Association(OMA), the Ontario College of Family Physicians(CCFP), and the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario(CPSO).

His strong commitment to achieving excellence in all he does inspires both staff and patients…


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